Wherever you're located and whenever you need assistance, we have the right team and the right services ready around the clock to remotely help optimize the reliability and performance of your equipment.

No matter what challenges may affect physical access to your facility or equipment, our advanced digital services guarantee continual remote access to the expertise and data-driven insight needed for performance optimization, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

体育投注软件Whether your equipment is already in operation or under installation and commissioning, you can take advantage of our virtual and remote capabilities including a wide range of inspections and testing—including virtual string tests—remote training sessions, planning a total plant outage, and troubleshooting through a Smart Helmet so we can see and hear everything you can at the site.

We can convert your assets into IIoT machines, turn big data into smart solutions; and we're committed to delivering results that meet your operational needs and challenges.

On-time delivery

Virtual string testing

体育投注软件Up to 30 customer employees typically visit our Massa site to witness a string test. We can eliminate all that travel. We provide complete visibility of the equipment walkdown, real-time communication between engineers and customer teams, and secure data visualizations of tests in progress.

By your side, worldwide

Virtual outage

Our engineers can perform a virtual site assessment including parts gap analysis and complete execution schedule. We also provide technical guidance during the outage with real-time audio-visual sharing, daily outage reports, tracking of lessons learned, and even on-site FSEs if needed.

Complete service planning & execution

Remote inspection and testing

This includes advanced borescope inspection, performance and surge tests, and vibration analysis. We select the most efficient solution, ship required devices to you, and prepare your team. In execution, we perform data collection, processing and analysis, technical disposition and final report.

Smart data and expertise

Advanced Digital Services

体育投注软件Expert people and smart data are the core of our digital services for turbomachinery applications. You can access our entire portfolio of digital services through our iCenters in Florence, Italy, Houston, USA, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Talent development

Remote training

体育投注软件We offer animation and video content that's ideal for induction and refreshing. For deeper technical requirements, our teleconferences and distance classrooms have experienced instructors and formal reporting. And our fully immersive VR training scenarios greatly enhance the learning curve.